St. Lucia Fire Service

Telephone and Address Directory

Dial 911! For Fire, Ambulance and Other Emergencies

Chief Fire Officer

Location: Manoel Street, Castries

Phone: 451-7667

Fax: 452-3064

Deputy Chief Fire Officer

Location: Manoel Street, Castries

Phone: 451-6519

Fax: 452-3064

Soufriere Fire Station

Location: Bridge Street, Soufriere

Control Room: 455-6164

Officer i/c: 455-6165

Fax: 457-1679

Fire Service Head Quarters

Location: Manoel Street, Castries

Control Room: 452-2373/452-2374/455-6100

Officer i/c: 455-6126

Fax: 452-3064

Gros Islet Fire Station

Location: Beausejour, Gros Islet

Control Room: 450-9111/450-9009/455-6190

Officer i/c: 455-6191

Fax: 450-9685

George Charles Fire Hall

Location: Vigie Airport, Castries

Control Room: 455-6109

Officer i/c: 455-6116

Fax: 452-5335

Dennery Fire Station

Location: Dennery Highway, Dennery

Control Room: 455-6170/453-8888

Officer i/c: 455-6171

Fax: 453-4865

Micoud Fire Station

Location: Micoud Highway, Micoud

Control Room: 455-8180

Officer i/c: 455-6181

Fax: 454-0343

Crash Fire Hall- Vieux Fort

Location: Hewannorra Airport, Vieux Fort

Control Room: 455-6161

Officer i/c: 455-6160

Fax: 454-5068

Vieux Fort Fire Station

Location: St.Jude's Highway, Vieux Fort

Control Room: 455-6150

Officer i/c: 455-6151

Fax: 454-6982