St. Lucia Fire Service


Positions are open to any citizen of St. Lucia who meets the following requirements:

  • Has attained the age of eighteen (18) years but not twenty-five (25) years at the time of recruitment.
  • Has a minimum physical height of 5 feet 6 inches or above
  • Has a minimum chest measurement of 36 inches
  • Has attained a minimum of five (5) CXC/GCE ordinary level passes including English, Mathematics with results of Grades I, II, III at General Proficiency.

  • Has a clean Police Record
  • Work experience and the possession of a driver’s license will be a major asset to the applicants.


  • Applications are to be submitted on prescribed forms obtainable from the General Office and all Fire Stations.
  • Completed Application Forms should be returned to Fire Service Headquarters, Manoel Street, Castries.
  • Police Record, Birth Certificate, two (2) recent testimonials and two (2) passport sized photos are to accompany each application.
  • Applications reaching the office of the Chief Fire Officer after the closing date will not be considered.


  • Applicants who satisfy the above requirements will be further required to do the following:
  • Take a Medical Exam(see copy of Medical Form attached) The cost of this exam will be borne by the applicant
  • If the results of the medical examination are satisfactory, candidates will then be required to undergo a Physical Aptitude/Readiness Test. (see copy of Physical Aptitude/Readiness Test attached)
  • Applicants succeeding the Physical Readiness Test will be further scrutinized through an unannounced Community Background Check to determine their character and deportment.
  • Take an interview before a panel of interviewers. (see sample of Interview Questions attached)
  • The final stage of the process is the completion of an Attestation Form by Applicant.  This is a declaration that the information produced is true and honest and that the applicant consents to abide by the dictates of the organization.


  • The successful applicant will be enlisted in the Fire Service for a probationary period of 24 months.
  • Uniform accoutrements will be supplied free of cost to all persons recruited as the need arise.
  • During the first six (6) months recruits will be placed on apprentice pay grade – 3 step 1 or $ 17,072.00 per annum plus laundry allowance of $ 90.00 monthly.
  • At the end of that 6 months period, they will receive duty allowance of $ 300.00 monthly and excess working hours of $ 550.00 monthly. In addition, basic salary will be paid at grade 5 step 1 or $ 23,527.00 annually.
  • The post is non pensionable and employees must make monthly contributions to the National Insurance Corporation.

All persons recruited must undergo a period of rigorous physical and technical training. Recruits must succeed in every aspect of the training which normally lasts for sixteen (16) weeks.  Sessions are held both day and evening time.

Training will include the bearing and carrying of heavy tools, pieces of equipment, ladders, pumps, and hoses while donned in full fire gear consisting of helmet, jacket, over trouser and steel reinforced boots. Trainees will also be required to wear breathing apparatus under the above conditions.

If at any time during the training, the performance and discipline of a trainee is deemed unsatisfactory, his/her service is liable to be terminated without prior notice.



The Fireman/woman will normally be called upon to report to situations involving: fires in public and commercial buildings, dwelling houses, factories, vehicles and sea vessels; bomb threats, aircraft and airport incidents, road accidents, attendance to medical emergencies, conveyance of persons to medical facilities via ambulance (this involves exposure to blood and other body fluids), attend to other types of emergencies where life is at risk, provide emergency response or standby for aircraft movements.

During non-response periods the Fireman/woman will be responsible, under supervision to :

  • maintain and upkeep firefighting and emergency equipment
  • participate in drills and lectures on emergency/firefighting response procedures and techniques
  • Attend familiarization tours of various premises and communities including knowledge of hydrants
  • maintain and upkeep station surroundings and live-in quarters
  • The Fireman/woman is required to work any day of the week (including weekends and holidays)
  • The Fireman/woman normally works on a rotating three (3) shift system requiring him/her to commence duty at 09:00 hours and 17:00 hours respectively, or as may otherwise apply.
  • The twenty-four (24) month probation period commences upon enlistment date. Prior to attaining two (2) years of service, the fireman/woman will be re-examined on the theoretical and technical aspects of fire and emergency response procedures. Failure to meet the required standard will result in termination on the basis of inefficiency.
  • It is required that all fireman possess a driver’s license and demonstrate proficiency in operating the Fire Service Emergency vehicles. Failing the above, his/her position may be terminated on the basis of inefficiency.
  • The fireman/woman may be called upon to perform any task, which in the opinion of his supervisor is a necessary part of the performance of his/her duties.


Group Life and Medical Plan:  All personnel are encouraged to participate in the group health/medical plan.


Sports Club:  All members contribute monthly to a Sports Club which organizes regular recreational activities for the Fire Service.


Fire Service Association:  Every fireman/woman enlisted into the service is a member of the Association.  Persons are allowed to vie for executive office after probation.


Fire Service Education Fund:  All members contribute to this established fund for the purpose of providing bursaries to children of Fire Service personnel.


Fire Service Benevolent Fund:  This is a contributory fund established to assist personnel in expenditure during situations of distress.


Lieu Leave:  That is, duty performed on public holidays is reclaimed/returned as time off when exigencies allow or during vacation time.


Funeral Expenses paid:  Any fireman/woman who dies while in service will have funeral/burial expenses undertaken by the government.